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These are pictures from Jim Forbes' personal photo album, from 1988 to 1995. They are in chronological order, with a caption that hopefully describes where the picture was taken.

Fall 1988, maybe in Bisbee?

Fall 1988, same show

On the road to the Sunsites show, spring 1991

Life Care Center, spring 1991

Life Care Center

Spring 1991, 50s night at the Lakeside Officer's Club


Lakeside, Jim and Dans' 39 Chevys

Gary and Kevin made their debut at the party at the Smith's house, June 1991

Poker run, fall 1991

Losing and winning hands

The gang at the poker run

Tombstone run, fall 1991

Carl's Jr, summer 1992

Carl's Jr

Prescott, 1992


Looks like Cars in the Park, 1992?

Park again

Lakeside Officer's Club 50s-60s night, spring 1993


More crazies at the O club

Patagonia picnic, fall 1993


Run to Ruidoso, fall 1993

Registratin table, Cars in the Park, 1993

Route 66 Run, San Bernardino, fall 1995

Or was that summer 1995?

Rt 66 run

Casa Car Show, Tucson, fall 1995